2019 August Military Team Classic Info

New Squad Added in August!

Since the tournament filled in December, over 120 teams joined the Stand By list.

Many of those teams have since been added to the roster due to some team cancellations but then other teams have requested to be put on Stand By.

So to accommodate 60 more teams, we have added Squad 17 which bowls:
Thursday, August 15   5pm – Doubles
Friday, August 16        5pm – Team
Saturday, August 17   5pm – Singles

This will be the last squad added for this year’s event and will take the roster up to 1,020 teams.

After adding 60 teams to this new Squad 17, the Stand By list will become more manageable as we are anticipating receiving more team cancellations as we do each year so more teams from the Stand By list will get to bowl!

There is only so much room – 60 new teams will replace the Trios Sweeper

We felt that it was much more important to accommodate 60 of the many teams that didn’t get a spot, so unfortunately, the new Squad 17 will replace the Trios Sweeper scheduled for the same time.

Of course all that entered the Trios will receive their refund immediately.

The upside is that we helped 60 teams!

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